Saturday, July 26, 2008

putrajaya seafood restaurant (a BAD remark)

this was our first time here and i want to voice out our dissatisfaction about this restaurant....

we were greeted by an overfriendly waiter who talked like as if he had already know us for ages and by means of that i found it was a bit harsh for him to talk that way to my little Jihan....

they served us with chinese/jasmine tea and some steamed groundnuts as titbits which other saefood restaurants serve as well as COMPLIMENTARY (like Kelana Seafood) and by the end of the day, we realized that those things were charged to our bill, and they didn't even asked us or mentioned to us wheter we would like to have those or not!... (RM 2 each for the tea and RM 3 for the nuts- if i were to know this, i would have packed the leftover nuts!!!)

i ordered carrot juice with milk and it turned out to be a REAL carrot juice that only rabbits are able to tolerate with no tinge of sugar at all...and when we asked the waiter back, this one has no sugar..he answered back, that is pure carrot juice!!! i felt like throwing the juice into his throat and see whether he thinks the taste is edible or not!

the food were just so-so...

if the big boss of Putrajaya Seafood restaurant or their acquaintances or relatives happened to read this, let me tell you this...DO NOT CHEAT YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! high class restaurant like Al-Diafah, serves kurma, arabic coffee and fruits cocktail dessert as COMPLIMENTARY to their customers, meaning that AT NO CHARGE AT ALL!

i've been to many restaurants which serve complimentary titbits but they don't mention it in the bills...well, it's a different thing if they incorporate the price as their service charges or what...but i am certainly not paying for the thing which i don't order!

and i think it was a bit overpriced compared to other seafood restaurants..
probably you have good experience with this restaurant but not for us and certainly we are not coming here again...!

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