Sunday, July 22, 2007

cupcakes and cookies decorating

so amazed....

can't wait to have a bite

smiling satisfactorily...

i'm proud of my mama..

my atrwork - edible image cupcakes and fondant cupcakes

edible image cuppies


decorated cookies

cupcakes arranged in tiers

my artwork

thanx to ayuliana for teaching me how to make is a very valuable and priceless experience....and my dear Jihan and hubby were really surprised to see my artwork...and they really love them so much...!

1 comment:

drNO said...

where can i find a place to make that edible photo??
care to share ur recipe for the frosting..
did u decorate the cookies using royal icing?
i've tried decorating cookies, but my royal icing too stiff, maybe need to add more liquid. what's the rcp?
thanks a lot.
lots of q... :)