Monday, August 20, 2007

a healthy jemput-jemput (Fritters)


"Jemput-jemput with a modern touch"

-a few cauliflower florets, chopped finely
-carrots, julienned (cut into thin sticks)
-ikan bilis-udang geragau
-brown onions, chopped
-plain flour
-pinch of salt (not really necessary - ikan bilis n udang geragau already salty)

So basically just mix all the ingredients except flour and water, then only add the flour and water bit by bit until the mix comes to a thick jemput2 consistency..personally i add just enough flour and water to combine the other ingredients, but that depends on ur preferences..if you like the jemput2 to be more "battery"..then add more flour n water..

then just fry like normal jemput2...i just shallow fry them..saves oil..hehee..and the jemput2 turns out thin and crispy..

then cicah with sweet cili sauce..nice..

this is one of those things that i simply whip up together with wuteva ingredients i can find at home..instead of just the usual jemput2 that contains mostly the batter..with this jemput2 you can at least "sneak" in some veges and your kids won't even noticed. the carrot actually adds crispiness to the jemput2,especially the ones that are sticking out of the batter. the cauliflower also cooks really well, and you can't really taste them ehehheheee...other veges that might be good to add into the jemput2 are spring onions, kucai, i can't think of anymore rite now..basically wuteva u have stored in your fridge lah!! a way its a healthier jemput2...try it.

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