Sunday, February 24, 2008

cendol & laksa kedah - the edge of the jungle

i don't know how to correctly name this place but i found it rather's only a stall by the roadside but you are actually enjoying its scrumptious laksa and mouthwatering cendol inside the jungle....with tall trees on top and its big roots underneath your tables and stools.... Way Too Happy

it is situated on the way to Bangi Lama town, past the Teras Jernang won't miss the spot as many cars are seen by the roadside....there are ample of tables and stools inside "the jungle" which is a bit hilly....and it is very cooling under the sheds of trees... Too Funny

they only sell cendol biasa or cendol pulut and laksa Kedah at a very, very reasonable price... Brows

Jihan was so fascinated looking around at the tall tress and really enjoyed herself eating the laksa and cendol there... Rolly 3

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