Friday, October 12, 2007

blackpepper chicken

chicken pieces

garlic, sliced

onion, sliced

ginger, sliced

tomatoes, wedged

blackpepper, grounded

red chillies, chopped

spring onion, chopped

soy sauce

oyster sauce

cornflour mixed with water, to thicken sauce

  • heat oil in pan. add in the sliced ingredients, fry till fragrant

  • add in the chicken slices. mix well and let cook through

  • add in the soy sauce and oyster sauce with the proprotion of 1:3. mix well. add in tomatoes

  • add in blackpepper

  • add in the cornflour mixture to thicken sauce

  • once cooked, remove from heat. garnish with red chillies and spring onion

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nurul said...

izza dh try dh...sedap...thanks...:)