Monday, January 28, 2008

chocolate blueberry cake

this is my first attempt making cake decoration using fresh cream...i tried out the ready-mix sponge cake recipe from kak hanieliza's fotopages....

the outcome, was lovely...tastes similar as the cake from the bakery shop!!!

250g chocolate sponge mix

3 eggs

100ml water

100ml oil

  • heat oven to 175 for 10 min

  • put all ingredients (except the oil) into a mixing bowl and whisk using electric mixer on hi-speed for 8 minutes

  • then add the oil and continue whisking for 2 min

  • pour the mixture into a greased baking pan

  • bake for 25-30 min

  • let cool, and top with fresh cream and blueberry topping


Jun :) said...

amboi drezura..wat kek ni..besday sape? best nyer nampak...

Ummi said...

Amboiii drezura dh start mendeco cake dah ek..cantik lah tu..ok what! Kalu kena 2 3 kali wat ni leh bankrup toke bakery tau..