Tuesday, January 29, 2008

corn, cucumber and cheese pancake

actually i wanted to make a zucchini pancake (i saw it on tv once)...but apparently the "zucchini" we got from cameron highlands were in fact "cucumber"..hahaa...i seriously couldn't tell the difference!! i only found out when i was grating the "zucchini" and it just oozed with liquid

one grated cucumber

corn from one corn

cheddar cheese cut in big chunks





one egg

a pinch of baking powder

mix all the ingredients with enough water and flour to make a thick batter. then fry tablespoons of batter in a non stick fry pan with a bit of oil.


MamaFaMi said...

Dalam pada sibuk bekerja pun sempat lagi memasak ye...

Jun :) said...

hi..drezura...nnti dtg blog akak ambik hadiah, hehehe....nk hadiah betui kna dtg umah betui punyer..ok! happy weekend!