Wednesday, January 2, 2008

express and simple trifle

yesterday was my cousin's son birthday...we were invited to his birthday party...then suddenly i thought of making trifle and off we went to Tesco to get the stuff....but then i forgot to but the fruit, i just took out whatever was inside the fridge and here's the outcome...

swiss roll, cut into slices (i used chocolate swiss roll)

instant jelly powder (i used strawberry flavour)


mixed berry yoghurt

chocolate pieces (i used colourful Hershey's kisses)

  • arrange the cake slices in a casserole dish

  • prepare the instant jelly according to the package (i simply mix it with hot water)

  • pour the jelly mixture into the dish (until the cake slices are covered)

  • sprinkle some raisins

  • let the jelly hardened. (i put the dish inside the fridge for 20 minutes)

  • pour the yoghurt on top of the dish and sprinkle some chocolates on top

  • refrigerate and serve cold

well, everybody loves it!! basically, you just to be creative to make this can put anything to make it tastes interesting....


drNO said...

very creative indeed...
happy new year to you..

neeza shahril said...

Ezura, tak dapat tengok lah gambar trifle tu. I used to make trifle using a butter cake. I used custard as the topping. tak pernah plak guna yogurt. sure lain rasa dia kan. boleh la try. but still, i wish to be able to look at the picture...