Sunday, March 30, 2008

chocolate cheese muffin

adapted from kak Jun's blog too...i copied down the receipe wrongly, but managed to improvise and turned out superb as well....

140g chocolate chips

100g cream cheese

80g butter

2 eggs

60g sugar

100g flour

2tsp baking powder

  • preheat oven 180 degrees

  • melt the cream cheese, butter and chocolate chips using double boiler. remove

  • add in eggs, mix using a whisker

  • add in sugar, mix well

  • sift flour and baking powder

  • add in into the cheese mixture. mix well

  • put into baking cups and bake for 20 min

**i did not melt the chocolate chips together with the cream cheese and butter. instead, i put in the chips after mixing the flour into the cheese mixture...and i used chocolate chips and strawberry chips...lovely..

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Jun :) said...

silap2 pon jadik, hehe. dr ezura..sedap nampak..kira, a new recipe is created by u..ekekeke...