Thursday, March 6, 2008

lime rosemary salmon

yeah, i got another salmon fillet in the i was quite busy, so i didn't have much time to search for recipes to cook the salmon...i got home, take out some rosemary leaves and duh, no lime in the fridge....luckily my mum planned to go to the pasar malam she could get some lime for me.... Smile

Jihan just had that for dinner, and she ate a lot...hubby also ate the salmon quite a lot, leaving me only a small portion of it...tasted very fresh and yummy!!!! Hungry

1 salmon fillet



rosemary leaves

lime juice

fish sauce

  • rub the salt and blackpepper onto the salmon
  • brush some lime juice and fish sauce onto the salmon.
  • stick some rosemary leaves in between the fish
  • leave aside for a few minutes
  • heat a non stick pan. wrap the salmon fish in aluminium foil.
  • put the wrapped salmon onto the pan, turning the salmon equally until cook
  • remove from pan. squeeze some lime before serving

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Jun :) said... dotter a big fan of salmon..susah gak nk cr yg fresh..nk kna masak la nnti ni..dh lama x mkn...