Monday, March 31, 2008

fried popiah

my mum made this for dinner last night....crispy and lovely...stored the unfried popiah in the freezer for later usage...Jihan loves popiah very much!

popiah sheets

carrots, grated

sengkuang, grated

shallots, pounded

garlic, pounded



  • heat a little bit of oil in pan. fry the pounded ingredients till fragrant. add in shrimps

  • add in the grated ingredients. mix well. add in salt.remove once you get the right consistency for the vegetables

  • seperate the popiah sheet. put the filling according to the photos and fold and roll the popiah sheets according to the photos. secure the roll with flour mixture (mix some flour with a little bit of water, making it sticky consistency)

  • fry the popiah until golden brown

  • serve hot!

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