Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Asian style beef

in conjunction with the recent Aidiladha, we made a beef dish....nicely marinated and can be grilled or stir fry....they are equally delicious and sister made the marinated beef by just adding what was in the kitchen...

1kg beef slice into 1 cm thick

ginger ] grated

garlic ] grated

red chillies } chopped

coriander leaves } chopped

sugar, salt and pepper according to taste

lemongrass, pounded


  • mix all ingredients together. leave for a few hours (the longer you keep, the tastier the beef)

  • grill the beef slices or fry in pan

  • once cooked, cut the beef into slices

  • do not throw away the leftover beef juice. you can turn it into delicious gravy to eat together with the beef.

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