Monday, December 3, 2007

food hunt - east coast vacation

we travelled East Coast (Kuantan, to be exact) last weekend and it was time to eat and eat and eat (there goes my diet!! hahahah!)

our first stop was at Temerloh R&R...we had a very nice lunch of ikan patin masak tempoyak...everybody was hungry and finished everything on the plate..!!!

ikan patin's head

with refreshing lai chee kang

later, we had dinner by the beach at Kg Tanjung Lumpur....a feast of famous ikan bakar sambal petai, sotong goreng tepung and kerang bakar along with seafood tomyam, lala sweet sour and kangkung goreng belacan!....we we had it at famous Ana Ikan Bakar Petai...the sambal was very mouthwatering.....! it was relatively cheap and very, very delicious....!

the stall

seafood tomyam and kangkung goreng belacan

kerang bakar and sweet sour lala

ikan bakar petai

sotong goreng tepung

then me and a few of our ex classmates had a late night supper (some of them had not yet eat dinner) at Sara Thai Kitchen (Wan Tomyam) in front of St Thomas School/Grand Continental Hotel...i had a sip of the tomyam soup and it was outstanding!!! the service was quite fast and the food was delicious!

having another feast at wan's tomyam

END OF PART 1...!!!

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Ummi said...

Wah Ezura..makan busaatt hah!! Yeap Tg Lumpur off course, one of the famous places to be...Aduss.. naik le kalori akak kalu makan camni, lain lah Ezura, muda lagi n you're a doctor hehe...Emm I do miss all this kind of food for quite sometimes...Nak kena g la ni..