Thursday, December 6, 2007

food hunt - east coast vacation (part 3)

so, it's our last day in Kuantan...where to go for breakfast..??

i've never been to Kemaman Kopitiam situated in front of Berjaya, i suggested to have breakfast there...we went quite early as this place is usually packed with people....we had a really BIG breakfast...!!! we had black and white coffee (black coffee topped with cold milk), nasi lemak burung puyuh, roti bakar, pulut udang and pulut ayam, garlic bread....(i think, that's all)...we really enjoyed the meal because they were delicious....and the price...??(look at the photo below)....many celebrities came here and their photos were placed on the restaurant's wall (including Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K)

the toasted bun was so delicious especially when you dippend inside your coffee...and the garlic bread was crispy and tasted marvellous...the burung puyuh were served hot with the nasi lemak (they will fry them when you order)...and the pulut panggang ayam and udang were so rich of flavour (and pricey too)

so, that's our last meal in Kuantan....overall, we always like it here and really love the food here...this will always be our destination of holidays for many years to come...

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Ummi said...

Wah, Kemaman Kopitiam ni depan ofis akak je kalu yang depan Megamall tuh..selalu gak breakfast dgn member kat sini..kak suka pulut panggang udang dia..besar n sedaaappp..Jemput udang dia pun..classs!! Tapi biasalah.. mahal sikit kan..