Wednesday, December 12, 2007

chicken balls soup

we had a lovely dinner today...everybody went down to the kitchen to cook something...

chicken balls soup (i did this)

yam pulp in tempoyak gravy ](made by my mum)
ikan terubuk masin goreng ]

kangkong goreng belacan } (made by my maid)
sambal telur dadar }

since my Jihan really like any type of balls, so i bought a whole bag of chicken balls today, i thought of doing chicken ball soup...a very simple dish...

10 chicken balls, halved

1 onion, sliced

2 garlic, sliced

1 inch ginger, sliced

star anise and cardamom

olive oil

dash of white pepper

chicken cube


cauliflower florets

oyster mushroom

carrots, cubed

young corns


potato, cubed

  • in a pan, heat olive oil. add onion, garlic, ginger, star anise and cardamom, fry till fragrant, remove

  • in a pot, boil water. add in fried ingredients and chicken cube. let boil

  • add in the vegetables and chicken balls until vegetables cooked

  • add salt and dash of white pepper according to your taste

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