Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ikan parang asam pedas

my mum's recipe...we really love asam pedas...!!! everybody will stay at the dinner table waiting to sip all the gravy last...

1/2kg ikan parang

1 onion ]blend

1 tomato ]blend

3 red chillies ]blend

3 tbsp dried chilli paste

2 tbsp oil

2 stalk lemongrass

daun kesum

3 tbsp tamarind + water

lady fingers

bunga kantan

tomato, wedged

salt and sugar

  • heat oil in pot, add, lemongrass and blended ingredients and chilli paste. fry until fragrant.

  • add in tamarind juice. let boil

  • add in fish and daun kesum, let simmer

  • add in lady fingers and bunga kantan

  • add salt and sugar according to taste

  • remove from heat


Jun :) said...

dr ezura, ikan parang masak asam ni fav mak akak ni...byk tulang sket ikan ni kan..mmg x masak la akak kt umah ni...

imi said...

Would you kindly enough explaining to me what is the 'jari perempuan' and 'rumput lemon', please?

Dr Ezura said...

hai imi,
lady fingers - kacang bendi
lemon grass - serai

happy cooking...!

Anonymous said...


It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!